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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2014 IP Video Contest!

13-15 years-old:
Natalie DiMundo; Santa Monica, CA
Simon Lundquist; Falls Church, VA

16-18 years-old:
Christian Surtz; Batavia, IL
Noah Kloster; Minneapolis, MN.

View winners’ creative videos depicting the importance of the patent system HERE.

A special thanks to Mrs. Rosalyn Moe of Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica, CA for supporting IP education! Mrs. Moe won the $1,500 Teacher Referral Prize for her classroom by encouraging her students to explore the importance of the patent system.

To learn more about the contest and the importance of the patent system, watch the videos below.

Current IPOEF President Louis Foreman Announces 2013 IP Video Contest Winners!

Two 2013 Contest Winners Interviewed!


Special Thanks to IP Video Contest Award Sponsors!

To learn how you or your organization can support IP education, contact us at Foundation@ipo.org.

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