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Winners of the 2017 IP Video Contest

13-15 Years

Will Cuculis

Dallastown, PA

A Patent Dimension

A scientist from another dimension has his newly-made portal gun stolen. Unfortunately for him, there are no such thing as patents in his dimension.

Anissa King

Oswego, IL

American Girl Stopmotion

My video is an AGSM or also known as an American Girl Stopmotion. In this video Bella is writing a letter to her friend and another good friend of hers walks in and they begin to have a conversation about what a patent is and how the invention of the pencil has impacted people's lives in a positive way.

16-18 Years

Kris Hristov

Wilmington, DE

Antibiotic Developments

I used the example of antibiotic development, specifically penicillin to show how the patent system works and benefits millions of people. Adobe Illustrator and After Effects were utilized to create colorful graphics that bring the concept of patents to a level anyone can understand.

Jaime Urdaneta

Katy, TX

Living with Patents

A video with no spoken words that aims to show how we encounter items that are or have been patented. It shows how many patented items we take for granted and it inspires one to patent an idea of their own. A patent not only improves the inventor's life, but everyone surrounded by the invention as well.

19 & Over Years

Danielle Lupo

Gurnee, IL

Best Invention: Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are the best invention ever!

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