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Winners of the 2016 IP Video Contest

13-15 Years

Isaac Smith

Walkerton, IN

Founding Father Interview

The founding fathers are interviewed regarding the Constitutional provision for patents.

Ashton Cofer

Gahanna, OH

Never Too Young

In this video, I demonstrate how the patent system has made the world a better place and how  young inventors inspired me to protect my own inventions.  Most people think that you have to be an adult to file a patent, but in reality patent protection is available to everyone - including kids, too!    

16-18 Years

Hannah Wang

Woodway, TX

Spark Plug

This video describes the design process as a small spark of imagination grows and develops into patented property.  It explains the meaning of a patent and the role and impact the patent system has in our society.  The purpose of the video is to educate viewers on the importance of patents by illustrating and narrating the process in an informative and memorable way.

Monica Cheung

Duluth, GA

Tissue Box Origins

The video follows the origin of the tissue box and discusses the benefits of the invention and the patenting process.

19 & Over Years

OnJonet Williams

Bear, DE

Patent Song

An original, simple, & catchy song that will hopefully remind and persuade creators to protect their inventions. The video is an abstract representation of what it's like to live in a world full of ideas.

Teacher Referral Prize

Mrs. Tanya Lacy

Midway High School, Waco, TX.

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